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Ronald Tiemens

Profiling Ron first in our new website is very appropriate as Ron is one of four individuals that has been with us from the beginning, June 1, 1993. Of those four, Ron had been with the partners in their predecessor firm for a number of years, starting as a student. Accordingly, Ron has been bred and molded into the GCSE image.

Ronís client involvement is quite broad, working extensively and directly with a wide range of businesses, whether in manufacturing, distribution, real estate, professional or service industries. He is also involved with many clients that have extensive investment portfolios. His participation includes the standard financial statement and tax return preparation, but in fact is much more involved than that. He tries to really learn and understand a clientís business and apply this knowledge for the benefit of that client and his experience for the benefit of all clients.

Ron also has extensive involvement in IT (information technology) matters, as a resource for GCSE and for many of our clients. This also extends to his involvement with the tax claims associated with technology and scientific research.

Although all of staff has significant involvement in our firmís large personal tax practice, Ronís contribution is particularly noteworthy because of his knowledge, his efforts, and his ongoing involvement in follow up of tax issues with the CCRA.

On a personal level, Ron is married to Ruth, has two daughters (see our baby announcements) and two cats. He keeps himself active away from the office in part by participating regularly in a volleyball league. Ron is a major and active collector of ďCokeĒ™ memorabilia, including unopened Coke collector bottles. So if youíre thirsty and in the area, drop in to see Ron (but leave the bottle).