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All accounting firms provide tax services and advice to their clients.

At GCSE we are especially proud of the expertise and abilities that we have developed in the field of taxation. This strength is evidenced by the fact that two of the firm's partners were full time tax practitioners in their earlier lives. In addition to bringing this wealth of knowledge to our clients, GCSE also has on staff a very senior full time tax practitioner, with a wide range of experience. Further, we endeavour to ensure that our front line staff is well versed in tax matters, to enable them to identify issues that require more attention.

Members of the firm have been, and are actively involved in teaching tax, as well as making presentations to a variety of groups and organizations on a wide array of tax subjects. In addition, our people have been regular contributors of tax articles, of both a technical and non-technical nature, to various publications.

These writing skills are well evidenced in our firm's tax publication, In Touch With Tax, in which we pride ourselves in its sophisticated layman approach to explaining very complicated issues. We want the reader to understand, as well as be entertained by, our highly acclaimed publication.

Speaking and writing about a subject is nice, but what can we do for our clients?

Our tax expertise encompasses a wide range of services, from the routine to the sophisticated and complicated. These include:

  • preparation of corporate, personal and trust tax returns,
  • all aspects of integrated corporate and personal tax planning, especially for the family owned enterprise, including estate planning for the owner/manager,
  • planning for the structuring of transactions such as purchase/sale of a business, and restructurings such as (re) financing and creditor arrangements,
  • general tax compliance issues including dealing, negotiating and "fighting" with the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of clients,
  • advising on international and public company transactions, including planning for inbound and outbound investments,
  • dealing with all aspects of commodity taxes, especially the federal Goods and Services Tax, (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).