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The real estate industry encompasses a wide range of endeavours, from building and developing property for sale, to holding property as a long-term investment, and any number of arrangements in between.

GCSE's strength in the real estate industry comes in large part from one of our partners who has over 30 years experience as both an accountant and as active participant in the real estate business. (No armchair quarterback here.) This experience allows us to look past the numbers. Does the project or investment make sense (and maybe dollars too)?

This real estate background combined with our tax expertise allows us to provide our clients not only with the right answers, but perhaps as importantly with the right questions.

So whether an investor, or owner/manager requires assistance in analyzing an existing or prospective "deal", or advice in connection with purchasing or selling a property or project, or other support in relation to the management of the real estate, why not contact a REAL (estate) professional.