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Although personal tax services may be considered another one of our tax services, we have chosen to comment on it separately because personal tax is a major part of the GCSE practice.

All accounting firms are in the business of preparing personal tax returns. There are countless other tax services that are also involved in this process.

Not only do we prepare the returns for virtually all of our corporate and business clients’ owners and family members, we have developed a loyal following of annual individual clients for whom we primarily provide return preparation and related functions. These individuals are generally professionals or have significant investment income. Their returns are usually more complicated and require a high level of expertise, and in many cases include Quebec filing requirements and other provincial implications. Our personal tax practice encompasses returns for many non-resident individuals with Canadian tax reporting requirements. We also prepare U.S returns for Canadians with U.S. tax filing requirements. We have a number of cases where we prepare the returns for an entire group or class of individuals of an organization.

Our involvement includes any necessary follow up with the Canada Revenue Agency, either on initial review or subsequent reassessment. Obviously, we are also involved with our clients in a whole range of tax planning, more fully discussed in the Tax Planning and Compliance section.

Most people know not to speak to an accountant in April. With good reason. However, this is not the case at GCSE. Our personal tax practice has been growing every year, almost exclusively because of word of mouth referrals. We can always handle the additional workload because of the efficient manner in the way we operate through this hectic season. One might say that we keep our wits about us when all others are losing theirs.