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Many of our clients have accumulated significant wealth. Others aspire to join their ranks. Wealth encompasses many aspects. Different individuals may have different views as to what constitutes wealth.

Good health and family should be the mainstay of wealth for all individuals but we live in a society that encourages the pursuit of wealth, as measured in dollars.

An individual’s wealth may be tied up in real estate, publicly traded securities, the family business or any number of other assets.

This accumulation of wealth brings with it any number of issues, including the accounting for assets and the statutory reporting of income. Often, estate and wealth preservation planning, including reorganizing the manner in which assets are held, is appropriate and advisable. These are the areas that we can and do bring our expertise to bear for the benefit of our clients.

Although we do not consider ourselves investment advisors, in the sense of recommending one specific publicly traded stock or another, we are in a position to analyze, compare and provide our expertise on various specific investments, perhaps most notably real estate. This may include the economic and investment aspects or the tax consequences of any given investment opportunity.

When it comes to wealth management, we should be an integral member of the team that may include securities brokers and advisors and insurance professionals.