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Dot com! The expression has become part of our culture. If you were lucky enough to be on the right side of the phrase, you probably don't need to worry about much else.

But if you haven't hit the jackpot yet, then you still might need the assistance and expertise available at GCSE. The high-tech industry both benefits and suffers from some of the unique aspects of this business. Business values relate to intellectual capital, something not easily quantifiable or easily financed. High- tech businesses will usually run out of money before they run out of ideas.

At GCSE, we have a number of clients involved in the high- tech industry. The federal and provincial governments have relatively generous tax incentive programs available for qualifying projects. We attempt to ensure that our clients receive everything that they are entitled to under these programs.

Further, when government assistance programs and shareholder funding is no longer sufficient, we can help a business pursue external financing options, including traditional lender financing, third party equity investors or the "going public" option. The best answer is not always easy. We just try and help our clients make the right one.