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This is where it all comes together. Bringing the experience that comes with "Being There" and "Doing It", we try to offer all our clients the wisdom that comes from seeing what has worked before and what has caused a business to perform under its potential.

Combining our Due Diligence skills, our Tax Expertise, our Hands On approach, with Common Sense, provides us with the ability to assist clients in improving their business. This might include helping them to expand, through acquisition or internal growth, or perhaps divest themselves of an unprofitable division or product line.

We might be called upon to prepare or assist in a business plan, which might include financial forecasts or projections. We might also prepare a valuation report for any of a number of reasons. These could include the purchase or sale of a business or division, a litigation (perhaps family law) matter, a reorganization for income tax or business purposes, or planning in the context of a family owned enterprise.

Our role as business advisors can take the form of a specific and targeted assignment. Alternatively, we believe that we bring our business advisory skills to each and every client. We think this is what our clients have come to expect from GCSE.