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Bob is the patriarch of GCSE. Prior to co-founding GCSE in 1993, Bob was a partner in a mid-sized accounting firm for a number of years, and before which he was a partner in a somewhat specialized practice for twenty-five years. Bob brings more than gray hair to GCSE.

His wealth of hands-on experience in business matters and especially real estate has made him an outstanding resource for the benefit of our clients. Bob's involvement is real. As a principal and manager in many projects and properties, Bob has both learned and developed the skills to examine a particular investment and go right to the heart of the matter. He will tell you why it will succeed or why it will fail in a no-nonsense, non-formal approach that is refreshing for most businessmen.

Not surprisingly, Bob's practice is largely, but by no means exclusively, real estate based. The attributes that work so well in analyzing a real estate investment, also work well in considering most business ventures. Bob also acts as accountant and advisor to a large number of high net-worth individuals.

If there's a simple way to describe Bob's approach to his practice and his clients... it's experienced common sense.

Bob obtained a BA from the University of Toronto in 1961 and his CA designation in 1966.