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Aki's involvement in GCSE is multifaceted. Although his practice is by no means restricted to tax matters, his client involvement is distinctly tax flavoured. Prior to establishing GCSE with his partners in 1993, Aki was a full time tax practitioner and headed up the tax group of a mid-sized accounting firm.

At GCSE, Aki may deal directly with his clients on any number of the financial aspects of a business. However, it usually seems to come back to tax. Whether attempting to determine the best overall annual tax planning in relationship to a company's performance, or involved in a company's restructuring, perhaps for estate planning or creditor protection, Aki's background and experience, along with his flair for the creative serves him and his clients very well.

Aki's credentials qualify him in a broad range of technical matters. These include a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University(1976), the CA (Chartered Accountant) designation(1977), the US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) (Illinois) designation(1997) and the TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner) designation(1998).

Degrees and designations in themselves only show a commitment to learning. They don't necessarily reflect abilities in practice. But combined with an extensive background of helping clients with their real life problems and opportunities, they become valuable tools.

Outside of tax issues, Aki’s involvement with clients covers a broad range of enterprises and sectors. This includes clients that are manufacturers, distributors, and in the service industries, as well as many medical and legal professionals. He is also acts for a number of not for profit and charitable organizations. His involvement includes international implications, either with clients who do business or invest into Canada and with Canadian businesses investing outside our borders.

Aki has shared some of his knowledge with the world, by his involvement in teaching, lecturing and making presentations to a wide range of audiences over many years. Some of the more notable presentations include one for Federated Press on Tax Planning for the Terminal Year and a series for the Council for International Tax Education on an Overview of the Canadian Tax System for Americans. Aki has also had numerous articles and papers appear in various publications, locally, nationally and internationally. His writing skills are also in evidence through his significant involvement in the firm's tax publication, In Touch with Tax.

Aki is a past president of the Toronto Estate Planning Counsil after servicing on the executive for a number of years. He is or has been involved in a number of professional and community organizations over the years. These include:

  • member of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants,
  • member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners,
  • member of the International Fiscal Association,
  • member of the Canadian Tax Foundation,
  • former member of the Toronto Board of Trade Taxation Committee,
  • former director and treasurer of Adath Sholom Synagogue, and
  • former director of the Thornhill Community Hockey League