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Not many are fortunate enough to find career opportunities like those (sometimes) available at GCSE.

At GCSE, we have very little staff turnover. No one wants to leave. As such, people join GCSE as a function of our steady growth. As a relatively small firm, however, we are not constantly looking for new staff. When seeking an addition to our group, that individual will ideally possess certain attributes, no matter what level of knowledge and experience. This would ideally include people who are intelligent, motivated and can work with little supervision. Whether a veteran or a relative newcomer to the profession, the ability to learn, the ability to get the job done, and the ability to communicate effectively are paramount. Having specific experience and knowledge of our core disciplines, like accounting theory and tax and an understanding of bookkeeping, as well as being conversant with the standard software used in our business, is obviously also extremely important.

Of course individuals are remunerated at competitive levels. But it may be the intangibles of working at GCSE that make the difference. The working environment at GSCE, separate from our very pleasant and comfortable physical surroundings, is one from which no one wants to leave. Although we are constantly working to deadlines and may be under client-imposed pressures, we treat each individual with respect and courtesy. You won't want to leave!

Unfortunately, at this time we are not looking for any new members to join our team. Please feel free to send in your resumes for us to keep on file. In the event that a position opens up we will be more than glad to contact you. Please mail or fax your information to D. Lipman at the address or fax number indicated on our website, or email it to info@gcse-ca.com.