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GCSE, like any good organization is comprised of its people. Its partners. And its staff.

The founding partners, Robert Green, Aki Chencinski, Laurie Starkman and Jim Eles, started GCSE in 1993. Recently, Ron Teimens and Jon Roth, who have been key members of our GCSE family, joined us as partners. Together we bring over tremendous experience to the practice of public accounting. Experience is not simply a function of getting older. It is the culmination of what life and professional practice have to offer. Hopefully we all learn from this process and are able to apply these lessons and knowledge in whatever we do. We believe at GCSE that we have learned, and that we do apply this experience for the benefit of our clients.

A more detailed look at our partners and their specific backgrounds and skills can be obtained from the descriptions contained in our Partners Section.

As important as the partners are, they could not provide the level of service that our clients have come to expect without the dedication of a talented group of professional and support staff. Many senior staff have been with us from the beginning. We expect virtually all of our people will be with us for a long time. We suffer very little staff turnover. That means our staff are happy working at GCSE, we are happy with the contributions that our staff make to the organization, and most importantly our clients can expect a continuity in the people and the service that we provide.